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Giri Media provides a suite of products and services that connect brands with consumers. We offer the option of either working directly with you to create and relay a pointed, relevant message to your audience or white label services. Our white label managed services, coaching and application development wares create possibilities for our clients. Either way, Giri Media delivers a clear and successful campaign.

Social Media
Marketing &

Social media is neither a fad nor a buzz word. It is firmly planted in almost every aspect of business today. There's no denying that social media marketing strategy is top-of-mind with businesses today. The best way to simplify your strategy is to understand the rules of engagement.

Social Media Rules for engagement:

  1. Stop talking at people and start talking with them.
  2. Interruption marketing is finished.
  3. Be real. You can smell a fake, and so can they.
  4. They do talk about you online, start listening.
  5. There is NO secret sauce, do the work.
  6. Looking for leads? Marketing is hunting, social media is farming.

Giri Media offers the ability to use our services as a "white label" solution or work directly with our onsite trainers and consulting staff.

Sales Leads

The ability to generate high quality sales ready leads is crucial to any business. They allow you to flourish in good times and bad. Giri Media offers a wide variety of leads in both direct call and text generated formats. We offer a below industry price point allowing both big and small companies to receive the cash flow that is needed. You know that finding leads is crucial to growing your business. But you also know that not any lead will do. You need to make sure the leads you bring in are the right fit for your business. That's where we can help.

  • Direct phone leads
  • Email leads
  • Form leads
  • And much, much more!!

It's A Mobile World

If your campaign isn't mobile, it is probably sitting on a desktop somewhere. More than 150 million active users currently access Facebook through their mobile device. Are you available to them no matter where they are? Let us help you design, develop and launch your custom built app.

Your Other Half
White Label Solutions

We offer white label and reseller solutions for our products. We know that resources can be stretched and being competitive is key for your business. For that reason we offer our suite of services as a seamless solution.